Welcome to Shunjie EPS machinery

S   hanghai Shunjie EPS machinery co.,ltd , is a professional and leader of EPS/EPO/EPP/EPET machinery manufacturer. This practical experience of over 20 years has guided our product development toward the best possible cost-efficiency, very high reliability, advance technology application . We also thoroughly appreciate the importance of quality service and fast response times regarding purchase, delivery and maintenance of production equipment.

    Our company is established in 1982, located at jinshan Industrial Zone, with 38000m2 manufacturing workshop. And we have already passed CE certification, ISO 9001:2000 ,SGS Quality Management System. And now all series product passed CE approved.


   Adopting Japanese Omron PLC and colored display touch screen to control the process, such as open and close mold, feeding heating, warming , vacuum cooling and product pushing out.

*Adopting advanced EPS penetrating and heating molding process (diving into main heating, auxiliary heating, mid-instant close process),with strong penetrating power, good bonding, low gas expense.

*With structure of 3-opening-door, product pushing out automatically and performing in rectangle. 1kg less expended material for each block, smooth appearance and fine shape.

*Feeding directly by automatic injectors(8 sets for 630,16 sets for 1000), 45 seconds 

*Either vacuum cooling or air-cooling is available..